Rob Blackwell

Graduate student and independent software consultant

Rob Blackwell


EchoJulia is a new set of libraries for working with hydroacoustic data in Julia. With strong support for Simrad EK60 scientific echo sounders, it can be used to plot echograms and undertake various data analysis. It is particulalrly aimed at unsupervised and "big data" applications. Feedback appreciated.


Rob is working on a PhD, Real-time reporting of ecosystem metrics from acoustic sensors on ocean gliders with the British Antarctic Survey and the University of East Anglia.


Rob is available for consulting work on a part time basis.

Julia programming language

Notes on the Julia programming language.

MSc thesis

Can satellite synthetic aperture radar be used to detect and classify offshore installations?

Selected articles

Protocol design for very low bandwidth systems


Scientific Computing in the Southern Ocean, invited talk at dev://east 2018 .

Family history

My grandfather
Ordinary Telegrapher AER Rowe
World Jamboree 1929


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